Monday, August 26, 2013

How to build up your wardrobe (Part 2: Your bottoms)

Continue giving you ideas to curate your wardrobe, let's move to the second part: identify your MUST HAVE bottom pieces.

Obey by the rule Less is More, these 06 items I personally pick are the ones that will give you a minimum of 5 different looks when you mix match with the tops in my previous entry. I hope this second topic will help you discover new pieces to the big puzzle in which we're on our way completing.

- Skinny jeans: a very basic but trendy item for various occasions i.e outdoor activities, casual hangout, dates, etc... If you have a slim body, every type of skinny jeans looks good on you. However, if your body is a little bit too curvy, avoid light colors.

- Legging: in your wardrobe you MUST HAVE at least one printed legging. On a beautiful day, if you feel like you want a little revolution, wear it. Either floral, aztec or abstract pattern, a definite awesome look for an urban chic.

- Baggy pants: a rare item but you will find it very useful and trendy. Need a little SWAG, put it on!

- Shorts: summer will be empty without the shorts! High-waisted shorts give you a vintage hispter look with denim materials or a lovely vintage look with cotton materials. Only choose a leather textile if you have a fairy nice body figure.

- Midi skirt: a classic and never out-trend item for every lady. Choose a floral skirt for downtown romance or a leather one for fashion occasions/night event.

- Pencil skirt: another MUST HAVE item. Not only its provide you a good look while working in the office but it also helps you impress your working partners. Well, didn't you remember the pencil skirt became a HOT DEAL that women were crazy over when Sandra Bullock wore them in lovely romcom The Proposal?


Well, it's 2am in the morning and I bet I have to go to sleep quick. I'd love to continue my 3rd entry 'Your outerwears' on Wednesday but unfortunately it will be impossible for me to do so. I'll be on holiday until Sep 5. I'm gonna do a lot of outdoor activities during my holiday so I promise the 3rd entry will be posted on Sep 7 without any further delay.

I hope you won't mind it.
Thank you