Monday, October 28, 2013

The Dreamcatcher - Fashionshoot

If dreams are destined to be caught, why are they uncatchable? If dreams are destined to come true, why are they remained bubbles?

In a far away land of my own fantasy, a girl with a young heart falls deep in her world of delusion. Time passes through many nights and days but she remains forgettable. And in the middle of the utmost loneliness, she told herself 'Dear God, though time and loneliness may kill my soul and corrupt my peace, allow me to continue dreaming. Like a prayer I will keep on catching my dreams, a place where my one and only hope of happiness is placed.'

A production of The Wardrobe Curator
Concept, outfits and photograph by Alice Tran
With the contribution of Viet Ha the model

A big thanks to Phuong Nguyen and Moon Zip for your kind assistance during the shooting.

Epilog: Born as a natural daydreamer, I always direct my interests to anything related to dream/dreaming. The idea started from two months ago, I was inspired and amazed by a bohemian fashionshoot done by a very young and talented stylist named Phuong Thao. She won the judges' prize in the Be Style Be Stylist competition. And on top of that I always adore bohemian clothing and hippie culture. Putting these two points together, I decided to move forward with my idea and concept. At first I thought the concept should be bright and carefree. However the more I fell deep in thinking about a story, I began to change the mood and tone of this shoot, to be darker and haunting. About the model, I've known Ha for a few years but never have a chance to work with her. Until the moment I was 100% sure about the little haunting story I would present in my shots, I found there would be no one more suitable than her. So this photoshoot is the result of our first collaboration. I'm very satisfied with the outcomes and somehow I feel like I'm still haunted by the loneliness of this concept. (laughing) 

Some of you may think this story is a little bit too dramatic and serious but I found it is very coincident with the Halloween occasion. A story about a girl who was left alone in an imaginary world and she was haunted by the happiness she used to have. It is perfect, isn't it? (laugh out loud)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To the youth that passed, I come back to you

Since I turned 10, I avoided wearing the overall dress. I found it's only a style of clothes for children. I wanted to grew up fast, be pretty and mature. (laughing) However during my visit to a new marketplace, I discovered this interesting piece, an overall maxi dress with hoodie in grey color. I was immediately captivated by this little charm thing and looking at it feel like I returned to my young self.

I decided to wear it during my company trip to the beach. It was simply an experiment for me to see if it could pull off a good look. And to my surprise, it did more than I expected. Mixing it with a layer frill bandeau top contrasted in color gives strong vibrant of sexiness. And cover my hair in the hoodie does give a surprising mystic effect, doesn't it? 

Monday, October 7, 2013


'I go far from here
Where the silence sleeps
In the very deeps
Of the holy blue

And I dream of you
And I dream of you
Dream of you
Dream of you'

Have you ever met a girl wearing white dress, walking barefoot in the forest on a misty morning? Have you ever seen her wandering the trees with flowers on her hair? And beyond the horizon the smoke is rising to meet blue sky?

I once met a girl wearing a white dress, wandering on her barefoot. She had flowers on her hair and when she saw me she stopped, turning her back against the sunlight. Her hair was shining like a golden flame and her face was covered in dim shadow. Like a goddess, a rising goddess! I didn't dare to speak. My tongue vanished, only my eyes allowed to see. Did the goddess of this world caught a spell on me. Or did I just dream and deep in singing...

Photo source: internet