Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One of a kind: Jasmine Ty The Hotblooded Urban Chic

A few weeks ago I caught an idea passing my mind, that is to start a new long run project named One of a kind. It's about the people whose fashion style is unique, bold, different and inspiring to me. I decide to make it a regular topic so my blog doesn't look like a monotone book with stories coming from one source/one person. With this, I hope I will bring more colors and interesting stories for you to read. On top of that, aren't we all the same, feeling hype and amusing when it comes to fashion/styles and fashion inspirers? And how much we can learn from them, are we?

So, I'm gonna kick off the project with my first honorable guest. Jasmine Ty (my friend and former colleague) is a lovely and charming lady who works in advertising industry. She's a PR consultant and currently take care of Johnny Walker, Nivea and other brands under her account. Naturally Jasmine has a modeling body, attractive single eyelid eyes. To me, she carries such a strong vibe of sexiness and irresistible lovely smile. Well, put it in another way to me she's the killer! Man-killer! (laughing)

Alice: Hello Jasmine. Welcome to our Project 'One of a Kind'. I'm happy to have you as a guest tonight. Let's get start!
Jasmine: Well yeah, my friend. I'm ready.
Alice: (Laughing) Jasmine, first of all how would you define your style?
Jasmine: 'Simple is the best' is how I would define my style. I tend to like minimalism piece, simple and neat cut dress, LBD, mono tone color outfit, etc...
Alice: Very interesting! Tell me, what's the trend amongst the youngsters like yourself?
Jasmine: Well, there are lots of trend these days that people are crazily following like neone color, pop art, vintage/retro, sheer, white on white, checked, etc...
Alice: And where do you usually shop?
Jasmine: I often visit local stories Le Rustic Chic - my favorite, Afternoon Tea, L'uisine, Leu Heu, Flea market and some online stores.
Alice: Who inspires you?
Jasmine: they are two fashion bloggers Nicole Warne from Garry Pepper Vintage and Karla from Karla's closet. Recently they've inspired me to get new short curly haircut :)
Alice: What is your best body/facial feature?
Jasmine: My lips (so I heard) (giggle)
Alice: Wow, sexy lips! Hey, if you were granted a shopping vouche to buy an outfit from fashion brands? Which brand would you choose? And what would be the items?
Jasmine: If I were granted a non-limit gift vouche, oh my god I would find myself running to the big stores like Chanel or D&G! I would buy these things:

Alice: (lol) There you go! Thank you for picking up these freaking beautiful items. I die hard for them too!
Jasmine: (laughing) You're welcome!
Alice: Well, thank you Jasmine. Thank you for spending time with me. I hope this interview doesn't take too much time of a busy-lady like you.
Jasmine: You're welcome, buddy!
Alice: Alright, time to conclude the interview. Have a good night, Jasmine! I'll see you around.

Hold on, before I conclude my writing, of course I will post a photo series of Jasmine Ty that I took of her during our visit at Flea Market last weekend. Don't be too surprise how she looks beautiful, stunning, sexy and trendy. Because she is Jasmine Ty, the hotblooded Urban Chic!

Style: Simple is the best! Top: white backless croptop, bottom: high-waist short jeans, shoes: gladiator sandals, accessories: classic black handbag, mid-finger rings and statement bracelet.  


Additional information
Name: Jasmine Ty
Age group: 24-35
Occupation: PR consultant
Hobby: Salsa dancing, diving, cooking and reading

If you want to get to know more about Jasmine, please leave your contact with your comment. I'll forward it to her.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Dreamcatcher - Fashionshoot

If dreams are destined to be caught, why are they uncatchable? If dreams are destined to come true, why are they remained bubbles?

In a far away land of my own fantasy, a girl with a young heart falls deep in her world of delusion. Time passes through many nights and days but she remains forgettable. And in the middle of the utmost loneliness, she told herself 'Dear God, though time and loneliness may kill my soul and corrupt my peace, allow me to continue dreaming. Like a prayer I will keep on catching my dreams, a place where my one and only hope of happiness is placed.'

A production of The Wardrobe Curator
Concept, outfits and photograph by Alice Tran
With the contribution of Viet Ha the model

A big thanks to Phuong Nguyen and Moon Zip for your kind assistance during the shooting.

Epilog: Born as a natural daydreamer, I always direct my interests to anything related to dream/dreaming. The idea started from two months ago, I was inspired and amazed by a bohemian fashionshoot done by a very young and talented stylist named Phuong Thao. She won the judges' prize in the Be Style Be Stylist competition. And on top of that I always adore bohemian clothing and hippie culture. Putting these two points together, I decided to move forward with my idea and concept. At first I thought the concept should be bright and carefree. However the more I fell deep in thinking about a story, I began to change the mood and tone of this shoot, to be darker and haunting. About the model, I've known Ha for a few years but never have a chance to work with her. Until the moment I was 100% sure about the little haunting story I would present in my shots, I found there would be no one more suitable than her. So this photoshoot is the result of our first collaboration. I'm very satisfied with the outcomes and somehow I feel like I'm still haunted by the loneliness of this concept. (laughing) 

Some of you may think this story is a little bit too dramatic and serious but I found it is very coincident with the Halloween occasion. A story about a girl who was left alone in an imaginary world and she was haunted by the happiness she used to have. It is perfect, isn't it? (laugh out loud)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To the youth that passed, I come back to you

Since I turned 10, I avoided wearing the overall dress. I found it's only a style of clothes for children. I wanted to grew up fast, be pretty and mature. (laughing) However during my visit to a new marketplace, I discovered this interesting piece, an overall maxi dress with hoodie in grey color. I was immediately captivated by this little charm thing and looking at it feel like I returned to my young self.

I decided to wear it during my company trip to the beach. It was simply an experiment for me to see if it could pull off a good look. And to my surprise, it did more than I expected. Mixing it with a layer frill bandeau top contrasted in color gives strong vibrant of sexiness. And cover my hair in the hoodie does give a surprising mystic effect, doesn't it? 

Monday, October 7, 2013


'I go far from here
Where the silence sleeps
In the very deeps
Of the holy blue

And I dream of you
And I dream of you
Dream of you
Dream of you'

Have you ever met a girl wearing white dress, walking barefoot in the forest on a misty morning? Have you ever seen her wandering the trees with flowers on her hair? And beyond the horizon the smoke is rising to meet blue sky?

I once met a girl wearing a white dress, wandering on her barefoot. She had flowers on her hair and when she saw me she stopped, turning her back against the sunlight. Her hair was shining like a golden flame and her face was covered in dim shadow. Like a goddess, a rising goddess! I didn't dare to speak. My tongue vanished, only my eyes allowed to see. Did the goddess of this world caught a spell on me. Or did I just dream and deep in singing...

Photo source: internet

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Tribal Chic

During my backpack trip to remote region of Northern Vietnam, I was lucky to visit the H’Mong tribe’s open market. I was so captivated by their handmade textiles, fabric dye and accessories, like the-one-of-a-kind. They have amazing taste in combining clothes. It’s so spectacular and I was utterly bewitched to bring myself a skirt home. Now you see me wearing it with a white shirt, walking down the road. Very luminary and bold.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Polaroid Autumn

"The darkness is creeping in,
And the world is a place to hide."
                            Cheap Clothes_ Whitley

On an autumn morning, I woke up to the sound of music. The cold breeze was blowing outside the windows. Flashing my eyelashes, I was in an unfamiliar room in a different city. This is not Saigon. This is not the city where you only feel the heat and noise. This is Dalat. This is where my mother was born.

The old music kept playing chilling songs. I felt the coldness snick in my skin and the sky was white grey. 'I can't just stay inside' My head said. I walked out of the bed and found myself finding clothes. On the contrary of what I feel inside, I landed my hands on something warm and comfortable. And I was ready.

I stepped outside, started walking. Oh the fresh cold air blew into my lungs.  The street was empty! Suddenly I longed to be alone. In that longing moment I saw the world surrounding me in a polaroid filter. Like coffee 'Old and immortal, lonesome and lively, sensible and rich'.

Nanda baggy pants, Korean fashion girl print tee,  Blue Ex crop top blazer, unknown fedora & Zara basic heels 
Ninomax oversized shirt, unbranded aztec winter crop top, Rayban cat-sunglasses 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Those were the day - The flare of hippie spirits

In the twilight of a day, there I hear the voice of a man singing inside my head ‘I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me. She showed me her room, isn't it good, Norwegian wood?’.  Following his voice is the sound of the sitar playing strong, spiritual and free. Time slips back to the 60s, 70s, 80s golden time of freedom of life and arts. Drifting off the mainstream world and society there once lived in glory the hippies; carefree, wild and free. Though hippies are now almost non to exist, its hippy’s culture continue to be an endless inspiring knot for various forms of arts, music and fashion. Though Vietnam is a far Eastern country from the hippy mainland however it did land an impact on the 80s Vietnamese. Not only bringing the clothing and arts trends, a living attitude and lifestyle is also at adaptation. Seeking through my parents’ old photos I was surprisingly amazed. The hippy vibe of a young, adventurous and fashion couple is so vivid and alive inside a film camera 3x4 picture.
Wearing the most in-trend outfits from that era, I’m happy to say fashion is a wheel circle. Baggy high-waist pants, crop-top, bob hair, aviator sunglasses, oversized top; those we are crazy in love with were once the icons of the past. Style is a repetition of itself. And each time it repeats, it adds a little new flavor. Which is for us, we know the same old style new fashion is born again and again with a little more flare, vanity and magnificence.

Timeless items: aviator sunglasses, high waist acid wash jeans, oversized top, loafers

Timeless items: oversized top, high-waist basic jeans

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to build up your wardrobe (Part 3: Your one piece choice)

As we know tops and bottoms are key elements of an outfit. Depend on which style you want to pull off, there will be multi choices for you to make by mix matching them. However it will be a BIG MISTAKE if we miss talking about one piece clothes. Yes, nothing's value more than the truth, one piece clothes has the power to bring you the ultimate freshness, high-class and chic look in any occasion. On top of that, no other item is more appropriate to wear to a night event than the one piece clothes. To me it is absolutely not an item to be MISSED OUT! Follow my recommendation below and find yourself the inspiration and ideas to curate your one piece clothes in the wardrobe.

1. Bodycon dress: the ultimate weapon of a woman. God blessed us with the irresistible curves and this unique item is just for that holy quest!  Very appropriate for a cocktail or entertaining event, your call can be on a sequin or bandage or aztec print if you want to be outstanding in a crowd. Or a black dress for a classic sexy look.

 2. Shift dress: a charming item for sweet and classic lady. Very appropriate for workplace, seminars, day events, etc... and downtown hangout. If you're not confident with your body, this is a safer choice. For those who love the ironic and bold style, try out the printed one on the left.

3. Maxi dress: this item is your saver if you have a red-carpet-a-like- event to attend. High class, sophisticated and super duper charming, if you have a board shoulder, choose the second style from the left. If you have a small shoulder and sexy neck, the two on the right hand side are perfect for you.

4. Jumpsuit: every fashionista love this item. Jumpsuit is such a creative item that allows women to wear in any occasion with lots of SWAG and IRON. Want to look smart and trendy, you better not miss out this item.

I've just finished introducing the first 3 basic items of an outfit. From now on I will focus on outerwear and accessories. Don't forget to continue following my blog! The next entry will be published on Tuesday next week.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Monday, August 26, 2013

How to build up your wardrobe (Part 2: Your bottoms)

Continue giving you ideas to curate your wardrobe, let's move to the second part: identify your MUST HAVE bottom pieces.

Obey by the rule Less is More, these 06 items I personally pick are the ones that will give you a minimum of 5 different looks when you mix match with the tops in my previous entry. I hope this second topic will help you discover new pieces to the big puzzle in which we're on our way completing.

- Skinny jeans: a very basic but trendy item for various occasions i.e outdoor activities, casual hangout, dates, etc... If you have a slim body, every type of skinny jeans looks good on you. However, if your body is a little bit too curvy, avoid light colors.

- Legging: in your wardrobe you MUST HAVE at least one printed legging. On a beautiful day, if you feel like you want a little revolution, wear it. Either floral, aztec or abstract pattern, a definite awesome look for an urban chic.

- Baggy pants: a rare item but you will find it very useful and trendy. Need a little SWAG, put it on!

- Shorts: summer will be empty without the shorts! High-waisted shorts give you a vintage hispter look with denim materials or a lovely vintage look with cotton materials. Only choose a leather textile if you have a fairy nice body figure.

- Midi skirt: a classic and never out-trend item for every lady. Choose a floral skirt for downtown romance or a leather one for fashion occasions/night event.

- Pencil skirt: another MUST HAVE item. Not only its provide you a good look while working in the office but it also helps you impress your working partners. Well, didn't you remember the pencil skirt became a HOT DEAL that women were crazy over when Sandra Bullock wore them in lovely romcom The Proposal?


Well, it's 2am in the morning and I bet I have to go to sleep quick. I'd love to continue my 3rd entry 'Your outerwears' on Wednesday but unfortunately it will be impossible for me to do so. I'll be on holiday until Sep 5. I'm gonna do a lot of outdoor activities during my holiday so I promise the 3rd entry will be posted on Sep 7 without any further delay.

I hope you won't mind it.
Thank you

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to build up your wardrobe (Part 1: Your tops)

You are a fashion lover. You want to look pretty and smart. You don't know how to start your wardrobe collection. You hesitate. Please DON'T. Though fashion has no deadly rules, there still exist basic common senses for starters. Understanding the foundation of fashion can help you stepping into the game without fail.

To say, clothes are many to choose. Wrong choice can add weight on your budget without achieving sufficiency. There are thousand items that can be mixed with thousand of others. How can you find the right ones that help you enhance your look in every trend without spending too much money? Tricky but easy, you just simply need to follow one simple tip: Less is More or the so called 'Minimalism'.

Smart buyer fashionistas are the one who understand the role of each of their item. That is key to determine the game. Thus, I will introduce you the basic items and demonstration on the mix-match task that help you start up building your wardrobe without spending too much on cash and still manage to achieve the look you want.

Due to the enormous information and images, I will put my story in a list of entries as below:

I. Basic items you MUST HAVE
      1. Top
      2. Bottom
      3. One piece
      4. Outer wear
      5. Accessories
      6. Shoes
II. How to mix-match these above items
     1. Urban chic
     2. Retro hipster
     3. Office lady
     4. Rock punk
     5. Menswear

Now, let start with Module I, article 1:

I. Basic items you MUST HAVE

As we know, there are no less than 10 different type of tops available in the market or even more. However, my purpose is to recommend only a selective ones, so my list will content only 6 as below.

     1. Top:

          - White and simple shirt/blouse/tee: is able to mix with any bottom. Depend on the bottom piece, it will give you different vibes.

      -  Black & white striped tee: classic choice for any outdoor activities and attention seekers.

    - Oversized graphic/slogan tee: young and beautiful or young and dangerous, this tee can give you that much power.

     - Floral top: a vibe of fresh, vital and spring-feel is never a bad choice for dates

- Basic tanks (white/black/red): becoming Ms Sporty with either red or white color tank.

- Crop top (sleeveless, body fit, lacing, bra top, spandex): ironic item of all seasons, every charming and sexy woman must have at least one favorite crop top in her wardrobe.

Don't forget to follow my second entry of the series (Part 2: Your bottoms) at 11pm tomorrow night.

Dear reader, please note my recommendation is for starters. Of course you may find many interesting and impressive clothes that are not on this list out there in the market.

Out of the topic: I've been recently listening to the band Imagine Dragons. I must admit that they make awesome music which is so much similar to my favorite genre. Sorry if you come to my blog and all you are listening now are their music! I hope my fever will soon go away.