Friday, August 23, 2013

Remember Aztec Prints whenever you feel down

In life, there are time when you feel high and there are time when you feel down. Happiness is fragile and never it lasts forever. Obstacles and challenges keep coming. Either you run away or comfort it. You may win you may lose but at the end of the day, you feel tired and exhausted. There are days when the sky is grey and your mood is low. Thus you wish to do something to cheer up yourself. Indeed you can find it in your hobbies, your activities, your interests or... with your clothes. Wearing your favorite sets, being pretty, carrying your favorite item or simply lifting up the mood by choosing bright colors.

As a fact, for long aztec prints was discovered by fashion designers/fashion trend creators, it has been a key element to many chic styles that is bold, carefree, wild and sexy. Celebrate the marvelous culture and arts of ethnic tribal, aztec prints emphasizes on the abstract images printed in sharp and good bright colors.

Cast aside the boring plain clothes, you find yourself living with such vitality wearing colorful clothes stirring by a safari carefree spirit. This style is very suitable to those who love freedom and high spirit. For others, it can be a help in time when you are down. You don't need a full set of aztec prints. It would make you look super busy. One single piece against the whole set is much preferable.

Take a look at the examples I collected on pinterest, you may find inspirational ideas for your own aztec style.

Different aztec prints. Source: Pinterest

For casual occasions, the basic formula is white tee + aztec bottom + heels/sandals 

For semi formal occasions, the basic formula is aztec top +  pants/slim fit jean/midi skirt + blazer + heels/sandals

For fashion or night event, the basic formula is aztec body con dress + chunky/metal accessories + rough sandals + smoky eyes