Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Welcome Spring! Time for floral tie!

I scored the lovely floral tie at Topman a while ago. I was at Topshop checking out new arrival items but then stepped in to Topman and fell in love at first sight with the tie. Despite my usual feminine wear, I started to lean forward to androgynous style right now. It's a good feeling and experience to have. Should I blame Topman floral tie for this?

Black maxi dress H&M
Oversized white blouse F21
Menswear leather loafers Vainer
Floral tie Topman
Pink tote OASIS

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One of a Kind: Irresistible Enigma

I first met Khanh at an eat-out dinner without knowing much. Then at the French Tuesday party back in 2012 during the busiest and craziest time, I caught her sat there quietly in an evening gown with rose red lipstick and sexy bob hair. Less than 5 seconds, I was fallen for her mystic aura. I thought she might be the ice princess who didn't belong to this kind of party. But I was wrong, she was kind of stood out from others. Her existence is so strong yet so strange that made me kept questioning if she was the same lady I met before. I couldn't help myself glaring at her and wonder. I've met many female friends, colleagues and acquaintances but so far non of them gave me this kind of vibe. It's unique, cold but ultimately attractive. Since then, I kept in mind if I had a chance, I'd ask her to do something with me. And since the One of a Kind project was born, I made that chance come true.

The interview and photoshoot was taken at a nice cafe in the very centre of HCMC downtown. It was such a pleasure meet and surprisingly Khanh was a little bit dynamic than usual. I started my interview by asking her define her usual style. Not very different from my prediction, Khanh is a worshiper of minimalism, the less pattern the better for her. She said she isn't a fan of tight fit wear. Her favorite and usual shopping international brands are Zara, Mango, H&M plus the famous local tailor-made brands LAM and Umbrella. She shared her story working as a shop manager for LAM and that side job fed her opportunities to explore trends and strengthen her own style. (she giggled and told me she bought a lot of items from LAM during that working period - what? hold on, LAM boutique is super expensive, isn't it?)

'If you were granted a shopping vouche to buy an item from a brand? Which brand would you choose?' I asked another question. She told me without giving a second to think, 'Definitely Zara! They've just launched their new collection for this season and I can't help falling in love with their gorgeous dresses.' I said 'Wow! This lady does know a lot huh!' And further I encouraged her to share more about her wardrobe. She passionately revealed her favorite of favorite items are both LAM and Umbrella dresses. 'Then why didn't you wear one of them today?' I laughed out loud. Our conversation went on and on but I cut it off from here, you know, the rest was all girls' things and gossips (giggle).

Right after the interview was done we decided to give a walk. I brought my camera with me and that day luck was on my side. Despite the fun vibe we shared earlier, she transformed back to her mystic self thanks to that walk. I could not wait any longer to capture the best moment of her. The moment when the wind touched her hair, she was turning back looking at me. I captured it and felt the overwhelming mystique charisma flowing from her. Amazingly and indescribably, at that moment  she truly is the irresistible enigma!