Friday, September 6, 2013

How to build up your wardrobe (Part 3: Your one piece choice)

As we know tops and bottoms are key elements of an outfit. Depend on which style you want to pull off, there will be multi choices for you to make by mix matching them. However it will be a BIG MISTAKE if we miss talking about one piece clothes. Yes, nothing's value more than the truth, one piece clothes has the power to bring you the ultimate freshness, high-class and chic look in any occasion. On top of that, no other item is more appropriate to wear to a night event than the one piece clothes. To me it is absolutely not an item to be MISSED OUT! Follow my recommendation below and find yourself the inspiration and ideas to curate your one piece clothes in the wardrobe.

1. Bodycon dress: the ultimate weapon of a woman. God blessed us with the irresistible curves and this unique item is just for that holy quest!  Very appropriate for a cocktail or entertaining event, your call can be on a sequin or bandage or aztec print if you want to be outstanding in a crowd. Or a black dress for a classic sexy look.

 2. Shift dress: a charming item for sweet and classic lady. Very appropriate for workplace, seminars, day events, etc... and downtown hangout. If you're not confident with your body, this is a safer choice. For those who love the ironic and bold style, try out the printed one on the left.

3. Maxi dress: this item is your saver if you have a red-carpet-a-like- event to attend. High class, sophisticated and super duper charming, if you have a board shoulder, choose the second style from the left. If you have a small shoulder and sexy neck, the two on the right hand side are perfect for you.

4. Jumpsuit: every fashionista love this item. Jumpsuit is such a creative item that allows women to wear in any occasion with lots of SWAG and IRON. Want to look smart and trendy, you better not miss out this item.

I've just finished introducing the first 3 basic items of an outfit. From now on I will focus on outerwear and accessories. Don't forget to continue following my blog! The next entry will be published on Tuesday next week.

Have a great weekend, everybody!