Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Absolute Vintage

I became a stylist and photographer for this shot because the dress I bought looked so pretty on the model. A little inspiration rewinds the retro.

In details, what special about this dress is its floral pattern. Embroidered by a very refined technique, every shape of the flowers is clean and sophisticated. The colors are well matched and look naturally. It delivers an absolute retro vibe. To complete the set I mixed it with basic black Vascara heels, chunky accessories. A handmade headband made the retro taste a little stronger without straying us too much away from the key item.

More to say, it was indeed a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I found everything was so lively and vivid. Maybe I love vintage clothing too much?

Style: Absolute vintage. Dooguby vintage dress, Vascara basic heels, F21 chunky necklace and handmade floral headband.