Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One of a kind: Jasmine Ty The Hotblooded Urban Chic

A few weeks ago I caught an idea passing my mind, that is to start a new long run project named One of a kind. It's about the people whose fashion style is unique, bold, different and inspiring to me. I decide to make it a regular topic so my blog doesn't look like a monotone book with stories coming from one source/one person. With this, I hope I will bring more colors and interesting stories for you to read. On top of that, aren't we all the same, feeling hype and amusing when it comes to fashion/styles and fashion inspirers? And how much we can learn from them, are we?

So, I'm gonna kick off the project with my first honorable guest. Jasmine Ty (my friend and former colleague) is a lovely and charming lady who works in advertising industry. She's a PR consultant and currently take care of Johnny Walker, Nivea and other brands under her account. Naturally Jasmine has a modeling body, attractive single eyelid eyes. To me, she carries such a strong vibe of sexiness and irresistible lovely smile. Well, put it in another way to me she's the killer! Man-killer! (laughing)

Alice: Hello Jasmine. Welcome to our Project 'One of a Kind'. I'm happy to have you as a guest tonight. Let's get start!
Jasmine: Well yeah, my friend. I'm ready.
Alice: (Laughing) Jasmine, first of all how would you define your style?
Jasmine: 'Simple is the best' is how I would define my style. I tend to like minimalism piece, simple and neat cut dress, LBD, mono tone color outfit, etc...
Alice: Very interesting! Tell me, what's the trend amongst the youngsters like yourself?
Jasmine: Well, there are lots of trend these days that people are crazily following like neone color, pop art, vintage/retro, sheer, white on white, checked, etc...
Alice: And where do you usually shop?
Jasmine: I often visit local stories Le Rustic Chic - my favorite, Afternoon Tea, L'uisine, Leu Heu, Flea market and some online stores.
Alice: Who inspires you?
Jasmine: they are two fashion bloggers Nicole Warne from Garry Pepper Vintage and Karla from Karla's closet. Recently they've inspired me to get new short curly haircut :)
Alice: What is your best body/facial feature?
Jasmine: My lips (so I heard) (giggle)
Alice: Wow, sexy lips! Hey, if you were granted a shopping vouche to buy an outfit from fashion brands? Which brand would you choose? And what would be the items?
Jasmine: If I were granted a non-limit gift vouche, oh my god I would find myself running to the big stores like Chanel or D&G! I would buy these things:

Alice: (lol) There you go! Thank you for picking up these freaking beautiful items. I die hard for them too!
Jasmine: (laughing) You're welcome!
Alice: Well, thank you Jasmine. Thank you for spending time with me. I hope this interview doesn't take too much time of a busy-lady like you.
Jasmine: You're welcome, buddy!
Alice: Alright, time to conclude the interview. Have a good night, Jasmine! I'll see you around.

Hold on, before I conclude my writing, of course I will post a photo series of Jasmine Ty that I took of her during our visit at Flea Market last weekend. Don't be too surprise how she looks beautiful, stunning, sexy and trendy. Because she is Jasmine Ty, the hotblooded Urban Chic!

Style: Simple is the best! Top: white backless croptop, bottom: high-waist short jeans, shoes: gladiator sandals, accessories: classic black handbag, mid-finger rings and statement bracelet.  


Additional information
Name: Jasmine Ty
Age group: 24-35
Occupation: PR consultant
Hobby: Salsa dancing, diving, cooking and reading

If you want to get to know more about Jasmine, please leave your contact with your comment. I'll forward it to her.