Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to build up your wardrobe (Part 1: Your tops)

You are a fashion lover. You want to look pretty and smart. You don't know how to start your wardrobe collection. You hesitate. Please DON'T. Though fashion has no deadly rules, there still exist basic common senses for starters. Understanding the foundation of fashion can help you stepping into the game without fail.

To say, clothes are many to choose. Wrong choice can add weight on your budget without achieving sufficiency. There are thousand items that can be mixed with thousand of others. How can you find the right ones that help you enhance your look in every trend without spending too much money? Tricky but easy, you just simply need to follow one simple tip: Less is More or the so called 'Minimalism'.

Smart buyer fashionistas are the one who understand the role of each of their item. That is key to determine the game. Thus, I will introduce you the basic items and demonstration on the mix-match task that help you start up building your wardrobe without spending too much on cash and still manage to achieve the look you want.

Due to the enormous information and images, I will put my story in a list of entries as below:

I. Basic items you MUST HAVE
      1. Top
      2. Bottom
      3. One piece
      4. Outer wear
      5. Accessories
      6. Shoes
II. How to mix-match these above items
     1. Urban chic
     2. Retro hipster
     3. Office lady
     4. Rock punk
     5. Menswear

Now, let start with Module I, article 1:

I. Basic items you MUST HAVE

As we know, there are no less than 10 different type of tops available in the market or even more. However, my purpose is to recommend only a selective ones, so my list will content only 6 as below.

     1. Top:

          - White and simple shirt/blouse/tee: is able to mix with any bottom. Depend on the bottom piece, it will give you different vibes.

      -  Black & white striped tee: classic choice for any outdoor activities and attention seekers.

    - Oversized graphic/slogan tee: young and beautiful or young and dangerous, this tee can give you that much power.

     - Floral top: a vibe of fresh, vital and spring-feel is never a bad choice for dates

- Basic tanks (white/black/red): becoming Ms Sporty with either red or white color tank.

- Crop top (sleeveless, body fit, lacing, bra top, spandex): ironic item of all seasons, every charming and sexy woman must have at least one favorite crop top in her wardrobe.

Don't forget to follow my second entry of the series (Part 2: Your bottoms) at 11pm tomorrow night.

Dear reader, please note my recommendation is for starters. Of course you may find many interesting and impressive clothes that are not on this list out there in the market.

Out of the topic: I've been recently listening to the band Imagine Dragons. I must admit that they make awesome music which is so much similar to my favorite genre. Sorry if you come to my blog and all you are listening now are their music! I hope my fever will soon go away.