Monday, August 19, 2013

The Great Gatsby fashion 20s phenomenon

This summer, Hollywood love story The Great Gatsby did bring a storm to all fashion lovers over the world with the vanity, magnificence and glamour of fashion 20s. Everywhere, people talk about it. The expensive sparkle flappers, the luxury diamond and pearl accessories, the long forgotten gorgeous feather headband, cloche hat, t-strapps shoes and many more that you only see them in movie. Undoubtedly it become a very popular re-trend, shaking our fashion worshippers and is a muse for many retro fashion shoots lately. However, its great influence does not stop there.

On the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, fashion 20s once again struck the eyes of its fans and followers. The glamorous charm of 20s fashion's flare is unstoppable. Thousands of revellers were attracted to the event, taken place in Governor's Island, NYC. Thanks to editor/bloggers, we are lucky to glaze at the most lovely, vintage and captivated photos of this summer, brought by them.

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