Monday, October 7, 2013


'I go far from here
Where the silence sleeps
In the very deeps
Of the holy blue

And I dream of you
And I dream of you
Dream of you
Dream of you'

Have you ever met a girl wearing white dress, walking barefoot in the forest on a misty morning? Have you ever seen her wandering the trees with flowers on her hair? And beyond the horizon the smoke is rising to meet blue sky?

I once met a girl wearing a white dress, wandering on her barefoot. She had flowers on her hair and when she saw me she stopped, turning her back against the sunlight. Her hair was shining like a golden flame and her face was covered in dim shadow. Like a goddess, a rising goddess! I didn't dare to speak. My tongue vanished, only my eyes allowed to see. Did the goddess of this world caught a spell on me. Or did I just dream and deep in singing...

Photo source: internet