Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Polaroid Autumn

"The darkness is creeping in,
And the world is a place to hide."
                            Cheap Clothes_ Whitley

On an autumn morning, I woke up to the sound of music. The cold breeze was blowing outside the windows. Flashing my eyelashes, I was in an unfamiliar room in a different city. This is not Saigon. This is not the city where you only feel the heat and noise. This is Dalat. This is where my mother was born.

The old music kept playing chilling songs. I felt the coldness snick in my skin and the sky was white grey. 'I can't just stay inside' My head said. I walked out of the bed and found myself finding clothes. On the contrary of what I feel inside, I landed my hands on something warm and comfortable. And I was ready.

I stepped outside, started walking. Oh the fresh cold air blew into my lungs.  The street was empty! Suddenly I longed to be alone. In that longing moment I saw the world surrounding me in a polaroid filter. Like coffee 'Old and immortal, lonesome and lively, sensible and rich'.

Nanda baggy pants, Korean fashion girl print tee,  Blue Ex crop top blazer, unknown fedora & Zara basic heels 
Ninomax oversized shirt, unbranded aztec winter crop top, Rayban cat-sunglasses