Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To the youth that passed, I come back to you

Since I turned 10, I avoided wearing the overall dress. I found it's only a style of clothes for children. I wanted to grew up fast, be pretty and mature. (laughing) However during my visit to a new marketplace, I discovered this interesting piece, an overall maxi dress with hoodie in grey color. I was immediately captivated by this little charm thing and looking at it feel like I returned to my young self.

I decided to wear it during my company trip to the beach. It was simply an experiment for me to see if it could pull off a good look. And to my surprise, it did more than I expected. Mixing it with a layer frill bandeau top contrasted in color gives strong vibrant of sexiness. And cover my hair in the hoodie does give a surprising mystic effect, doesn't it?