Friday, July 26, 2013

Vintage 70s

‘Style’ is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.’ – John Fairchild, former editor in chief of Women’s Wear Daily and founder of W magazine

I first learnt how to dress up nicely at the age of 26, fairly late compare to others. And strangely I became so aware and attach to fashion. During the first 2 years I always set myself with safe combo. In the back of my head I know there are rules that exist. Not any style that looks good on you. Not every item you can mix together. Living with that precaution in my head, afraid to fall onto the extreme side of ugliness, I refuse to let myself go free. Until I reached a peak of boredom and almost give up my love in fashion, I realized there is no ‘actual’ rule or boundary. People who make it big are the ones willing to think different. They never hesitate to learn and experience new thing. They throw themselves in anything that can be possible worked out, even 1% of successful. But the 1% of successful does bring them great joy, pride and vanity. The new style/trend lives on for a season, a year or even become a never forget trend that live through time. More importantly, they mix their individual self in their creations; give them a spirit and attitude. The style can only be shined when you wear it with your characteristics and confidence. Fashion is a dead thing without a soul, a TV in black and white with no sound. The only ones who can bring a dead thing to live, a TV black and white to color are you and me, the stylists.

Looking back to the previous year when I start renovating myself, Retro is the first that caught in my mind. Admit I am 'a girl of the past'; I'm interested in the things that the world and our ancestors created. The inheritance is always there, I grasped my courage to work on it. The experience turned out to be very nice. Thank to that attempt, my first breaking rule resulted in these two lovely photos. Sometimes, style is not all about fashion and the clothes you wear. Apparently it depends more and more on how you can express it through your charisma.