Sunday, July 21, 2013

A concept of the past


It's me, Alice from Wonderland

How are you? I hope you guys all sound well and loud as usual.

And whether you ask how I am, I MUST HAVE to say I am doing extremely well. (By the fact that I am still up at 1.15am)

You know, I am somehow starting to hallucinate myself that I am turning into a vampire. I've been staying up late nearly a week now. And it's weird that this hour is the best hour to set my mood to write something

My story tonight is about Hue transaction. The concept started when Jasmine & I had a conversation about several things. She coincidentally mentioned about Hue transaction concept shown in AsiaLife mag a few months ago. Dummy I asked what it was. I had no idea. After hearing from Jasmine, I started to feel hyped. What a cool concept it is. Is it because these kind of clothes aren't supposed to stay in our own wardrobe at the first place? I mean they are too rainbow-ful

Here is my initial kick-off work for the concept. 05 set of outfits, rainbow-shine, feminine, characteristic, sophisticated and dedicated.


Alice Tr.