Monday, July 22, 2013

The Oriental Dance of Heart

Photoshoot: The Oriental Dance of Heart
Style: belly dancing
Costumes: traditional belly dance costume, pre-test by Alice Tr.
Make up: Vi
Models: belly dance class members
Photographer: Mr. Kar
Creative & re-touch: Alice Tr.

I guess some of you would start asking, why I post a photoshoot of belly dancers and in any way what does belly dancing relate to fashion?

It connects, belly dancing and fashion, in a way. Physically, practicing dance helps your movements become slender, more flexible. With a slender body, you can pull off a better sexy look. Belly dance is famous by helping women showing off their best part of the body. Then why won't we apply it to our fashion sense?

Belly dance costume is a very interesting and unique thing to talk about, naturally provide chillness and sexiness. We can adapt it to beachwear  like wearing the bling bling bra/top bikini with long cotton/silk skirt, loosen your hair and put on your sunglasses. Or add a blazer on your bra/top bikini at night for warmness.

Moreover dancing makes you feel alive. Dancing makes you feel exciting. Dancing makes you forget what the world is going on in an instant. When you dance, you are lost in your own world. When you dance, the sound you hear is your heartbeat, your motion, your heart and your mind. They become one unity, the most beautiful reflection of freedom and beauty.

Belly dancing brings out the feminity, flexibility and confidence to women.

It's only when you do belly dancing, you free yourself like a bird. Like a magnificent bird!