Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Summer is in town and people make plans to enjoy it to the most. So do I. I usually ask myself

1. Where is my favorite place to enjoy a break time?
2. Where is my best hideaway to escape the noisy urban crisis?
3. If I find a place, what activities you should I enjoy?
4. More importantly, what should I wear to be sexy and man-killer?

Well, I found all my answers with a very simple act. I ask my friends to accompany me to a pool party and secure our FUN DAY there.

If I transcript my day in a story and images, this is how it sounds and looks. 

'In the heat of summer and in the urge to get away from urban crisis, two girls found an oasis and spent their happy time together. Embraced by cool water, hot sunburn and strong breeze, they captured the best moments that GOD could ever create for them. No word can describe how magnificent it is. The vitality of feminine vibe, killer smiles, sexy bikinis and wonderful body curves. Yes, they are retrieved to be indeed THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS blooming in this summer.'

There are many ways to dress yourself pretty and sexy. My tip is simple. You go to the pool, you MUST choose bright colors. Keep your pieces simple and add accessories. Bring some flowers or books to present yourself with a little mysterious vibe! And don't forget to apply sunscreen if you don't want your skin burn and wear water-proof make up!

Enjoy the pool if you are there, everyone!

Alice Tr.