Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Party

On a beautiful summer day, we decided to hang out! We left our burden lock in a cupboard, we left our stress behind the door. In the house backyard, we prepared ourselves a party. We dressed sexy and chic, we played naughty. We didn't care what tomorrow would bring but today we had fun!!!

As always lacing fits every woman. It's not only make you look feminine but also help uncover your hidden charm. Lace represents the sophistication of a woman and her sexiness.

Wearing lace however you need to understand its basic. Avoid a chessy queen of drama look unless you add too many elements. It works best by contrast i.e lace top with cotton shorts/baggy pants/slim fit pants. Try oversize/metal accessories to balance the soft look. If it's a bodycon lace dress, keep it simple!

Pastel colors, nude make up for refreshing and cat eyeline for sharp and trendy! Add some flowers to keep you look soft