Sunday, July 21, 2013

Downtown Vintage

It's half past nine pm when the downtown parties have just started. I can imagine everyone having fun, enjoying the crowd and upbeat music. Bet you won't get home so soon.

Today I feel like I should write something so I decided to stay at home. I am sitting in front of my laptop, writing my article and feel so chilled with a paper cup of 'milk tea'.

I am going to present you a very classic look yet incredibly charm. The utmost street style for a lovely afternoon in downtown.

Costume: lacy vintage dress by Zipia, fedora hat, Marilyn Monroe necklace, kneel socks, finger ring "SALE", vintage turtle glasses. Sourced locally by me & Jasmine with 'cheap' prices

Do you feel the breeze? Recently I've been listening to Beautiful girl by Jose Mari Chan. It gives me the peaceful and delighted feeling.  I'm sharing it here and hope everyone enjoy it while reading.

With love,
Alice Tr.